covet 1 Covet, envy, grudge, begrudge though not closely synonymous all carry the implication of a selfish desire to have something for one's own enjoyment or possession.
To covet (for fuller treatment see DESIRE) is to long inordinately for something which belongs to another

covet a neighbor's piece of property because of its fine view

To envy is to regard another with more or less chagrin, repining, jealousy, or hatred because he possesses something one covets or feels should have come to oneself

envy a person his good fortune or his promotion

To grudge or begrudge implies reluctance or hesitation (often through selfishness, meanness, or stinginess) in giving another what he (or it) ought to have because it is his (or its) due or need

surely you wouldn't grudge the poor old man some humble way to save his self-respect— Frost


begrudges every penny he spends on taxis


she grudges every moment spent on housekeeping chores

2 crave, *desire, wish, want
Analogous words: yearn, *long, pine, hanker, thirst, hunger: pant, aspire, *aim
Antonyms: renounce (something desirable)
Contrasted words: resign, *relinquish, yield, surrender: *abjure, forswear: *decline, refuse, reject

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.

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